I have had a very blessed opportunity to be a student of Alexandra’s for nearly a decade, trusting her methods and following all the assignments she has had me do, including books and seminars and must say that in 57 years of working on self the last 10 have been the most impactful of my life. Being Alexandra’s student has me in the best place emotionally, spirituality and physically of my life.

– Lori Wynn

Alexandra brings light medicine with profound reach to transform every day living into daily thriving. Her playful spirit invites a joyful and deep connection to bring forth insight and sustainable change.

– Karen Greathouse

The process is like uploading a program behind the mind. Creating intentions that have positive loving joyful creative language is very important as it runs in the background and generates an impulse toward action.

– Byron

This has been a hack. A hack is a system that can be applied to what is untagible. Laying mechanism. Change patterns, intercept, interrupt. Pattern interrupt and override. Optimism, positivity. Workbook provokes me to reframe.

– Anita

I have done personal growth seminars and workshops before but the 13qualities was different. It inspired me to do the master cleanse for 30 days of which i lost 22 lbs and it helped reduce my anxiety and fear to get on my bike after 8 years. I feel lighter and happier.even when challenges come up Thank you my majestic wolf mother for sharing your knowledge to the world

– Michael Strickland

To begin I want to congratulate Alexandra for her vision, her perseverance, and her dedication. This program, 13 Qualities for authentic living, an interactive guide for cocreating change, is the result of many years of work and research that is seen and felt throughout the pilot that she generously shared with us over the past five weeks. For me it has been a very pleasant completely new experience in my life, I have never participated in anything similar before. At first it was not clear what it was about or where this would go. As I was participating in the meetings with Alexandra and the group, I began to notice an interesting and I must say an important change in me, I noticed that in the morning I woke up more rested, more relaxed, and above all, I woke up in peace with myself and with life in general. I also want to thank both the guided meditations and the recordings in general, they have been of great help in my day to day, they have helped me a lot to rediscover the Carlos with whom I used to spend my days and with whom I shared my daily experiences, my successes and joys, a Carlos I had already forgotten. This experience has served me and I am sure it will serve me for the rest of my life, as it is an excellent guide to heal the soul and feed our spirit, to fill us with positive energy that nourishes our being and revives us the desire to be who we really are. It makes us leave behind the ties to a past, in part, that we no longer need to drag or invite to accompany us in our future. Many thanks to the entire team that supports Alexandra and who have made 13 Qualities a reality. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you, thank you very much Ale for sharing and for your kind generosity. You did it again!

– Carlos Guajardo

Life doesn’t come with a “How-to” manual, we are not born with “Instructions Attached”, or a “handle with care” sticker. Thankfully, the 13 Qualities for Authentic Living program is as an accessible guide, applicable for every-day use, that empowers the participant with the necessary tools – the Qualities – we need to live our most authentic lives. Alexandra Diez Barroso lovingly shares her vast knowledge accumulated throughout her life journey, and helps us navigate through the wealth of useful information we can utilize to find focus, purpose, and satisfaction in our lives. How do you know what you don’t know? Well, it only takes a moment to find out, once you open the door and discover a whole new set of knowledge that will awaken your awareness and help you embrace the incredible power for growth and change that lies within you.

– Rossana Ascencio

The program is designed with graceful precision to act as a gentle, time release medicine to heal ourselves into remembering how to live an authentic, grateful, loving life filled with optimism and opportunity Alexandra teaches in a gentle, loving way allowing participants to experience graceful integration with results of lasting change, peace and new beginnings. Thank you Q13 for changing my life.

– Anita Matias

I was at first a little hesitant and reserved to the idea of exploring all of the qualities that were necessary for authentic living; however, through the easy introduction of the worksheets, with simple instructions, as well as competent, live explanation, I was able to mentally digest the uncomfortable material. Throughout the course, I found myself more open to sitting in the classes and working through the exercises.

– Alexandro Guajardo

The course was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Alexandra is a wonderful instructor, who teaches with such an uplifting spirit and passion for the material. I am a reserved individual who struggles to share, and Alexandra worked with me and helped me to feel more comfortable in the group setting. By the end of the course, I felt like there was a newfound bond between all participants.

– Anonymous

I am so grateful to have completed the 1st program of the 13 qualities for authentic living. I feel as though a door has been opened for me and I want to live as fully as I possibly can. This program is a perfect way to nudge out those things in my life that I have kept quiet. To be able to challenge myself through the caring support of many caring people. ALexendra has been the best gift I could have in my life now and I am so glad to be part of her teachings. With grace I say thank you.

– Terry Hilbish

I really wanted to understand what Alexandra had been studying and to see where her wisdom and her light came from. Prior to doing this course with Alexandra and everyone else, I had done very little (okay none) personal work/exploration. I was unaware of many things – not blissfully unaware, painfully unaware. Through studying with Alexandra and the group, I learned the power of words. The subtleties of of the understanding of words and how those words and conversations have extreme affect (have an effect on; make a difference to – ignore the blue squiggly line underneath affect – it is the correct word) on humans on a cellular level.. 13 Qualities is an exploration of how you practically change the nature/quality of your life by paying attention to what actions and emotions are motivated/triggered by words. How those conversations with the universe that you consciously or unconsciously have, can make the difference to your path is knowledge I did not have. I am grateful for the experience of studying with Alexandra, working with the other amazing people in the group and I look forward to exploring the nine qualities we did not get to yet.

– K.M.

absolute honor. Prior to beginning the course I had already begun doing some sessions with Alexandra. What had got me down this path was being into someone and not having that reciprocated and that had brought me to a point where I wanted to clear some things that I had felt were rooted in past traumas. (As Alex would term it “Like deleting old files off your hard drive.”) In that process I experienced a whole range of different emotions. Tears, Laughter, Anger and even touched down onto some things that brought me into some depression. Diving so deep triggered things within me and some of what I saw I didn’t like. At that point it was difficult for me. As Alex had mentioned, That was usually the point where lots of people would walk away. With the encouragement from Alex, I kept moving forward and upon being offered… I entered the course. If there was anything in the course that stuck out to me the most I would say the first would be in setting intentions and the second would faith. Now I’m no stranger to these concepts as in my late teens and early 20’s I was very fascinated in the idea that we have the power to create our realities and do anything if we really set our minds to it. I’m also very into Native American Spirituality and have been going to ceremonies for the past 11 years. I remember going to ceremonies in Saskatchewan and the Elders always saying to us “have faith!!…. Setting intentions helped me to put it on paper and think about what it is I truly want in life and having that faith, trusting the process helped me to get to some other ceremonies this summer. I faced obstacles to going such as mechanical issues with my vehicle, Interprovincial lockdowns. Though through remaining steadfast, headstrong, persevering, setting the intentions and having faith, I was able to make it to Saskatchewan where I was able to Further do the work I needed to do. There was not one thing that I set out to do, that I was unable to accomplish or see through to some kind of fruition. There is definitely something to be said about having that guidance and without people like Alex or any of the other mentors, guides or elders I’ve seen, I feel this process would have been much more difficult than it needed to be.

In terms of the format of the course and the workbooks, everything was simple, clear and easy to understand. I had no problems connecting to the zoom meetings. I enjoyed the break away rooms though i feel like some of the exercises in the break away rooms could use a lil more time. Technical difficulties were often resolved fast.The atmosphere was fun and playful. The workbooks were simple and easy to do. Even if I had become busy and missed a few days of my homework I was able to catch up. I did have an issue with my Email (though i think it had to with my own account), For whatever reason the Q13 email was listed Under “promotions” . Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this process and can’t say enough about the impact this has made in my life and my own Journey in the recent months…

– Charles Sangster

This whole experience has been a gift that I didn’t realize I was getting until it blossomed in my face. It came at a particularly difficult time in my life and while I didn’t do all that I wanted to do during the first several weeks, I came to every class and I listened and this reawakened what needed to be reawakened and helped me reconnect with myself and with others. I can’t express my gratitude enough for having this come to me, especially with Alexandra at the helm. She created a warm and giving space that accommodated a variety of learners and situations and I really appreciate that. I long for the community that I feel this wonderful gift will create and i look forward to the next steps.

– JoAnn Pace

Alexandra exudes the divine feminine in innovative ways that are much needed in practice. Her courage and willingness to dive into her own dark night of the soul, is what makes her an excellent guide and facilitator. She has been my guide in one of the darkest and pivotal times of my life, and the way she was able to hold space for me was not only skillful but inherited. It is thanks to women as herself who have paved the way, the reason I am able to hold the torch to where I am now. I would recommend Alexandra to anyone ready for radical change!

– Vanessa Valdez

This program, 13 Qualities for Authentic Living, has been so beneficial to me in many aspects of my life. It helped me reconnect with pieces of myself that had slipped far beneath the surface, and taught me how to trust my inner knowing once again. Working in a group setting with such beautiful and likeminded people, from all walks of life, was truly heartwarming. Sharing stories, learning how to be vulnerable together, and holding space for one another as we went through our individual processes… what a wonderful experience. I couldn’t have asked for more. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is ready to commit to their own personal growth and healing journey. Once again, thank you so much for everything. I really value the time that we spent together, and am grateful for all that I got out of the experience!! Wishing you nothing but the best, and the most success.

– Alanna Reed