Q13 Course

Q13 – 13 Qualities for Authentic Living is a personal growth development system designed to assist high achieving individuals to access, align with, and integrate a more authentic way of living life to its maximum potential. We focus on a single quality per week, which lays the foundations for a deeper sense of personal value and worth. It consists of a 10-step, 10-min self-guided interactive daily practice delivered over three months using 13 foundational qualities as the weekly theme. 

We meet weekly for 2.5 hours on Tuesdays to explore the quality of the week and there is an optional 1-hour Q&A on Thursdays. There is also plenty of support material.

This process assists the individual to immerse and emerge onto him/herself, organically informing perceptions and positively guiding actions on every level of being.

This is a system that can be simple to carry out, easy to apply and that requires little effort to embrace as an ongoing practice.

We intend this program to be a tool for the deepest healing of all concerned for their highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

15 weeks of live classes divided into 3 modules (Value $ 3000):

Module 1 – Energetic

Creates an energetic container to overcome inner resistance and outer barriers.

  • Setting intended outcomes
  • Establishing a personal sense of faith
  • Building evidence-based trust
  • Remembering true potentiality


Module 2 – Mental/Physical

Direct thoughts and guide actions towards conscious change.

  • Humbly recognizing gifts and opportunities for growth
  • Becoming aware of ourselves and our environments
  • Honestly addressing challenges
  • Taking empowered actions
  • Practicing patience


Module 3 – Emotional

Safely express, release, and reframe outdated emotions, while nurturing compassion for self and others.

  • Leveraging forgiveness as a tool for change
  • Accepting our circumstances as opportunities
  • Expressing heartfelt gratitude
  • Consistently living from a place of authenticity


Plus Free Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1: Worksheets US $97

Bonus #2: Full Workbook US $497

Bonus #3: Guided Meditations US $197

Bonus #4: Qualities and Answers (Q&As) US $997

Bonus #5: Recordings US $997

Total Value of Bonuses US $2785


Total Value

13 Qualities for Authentic Living Program + 5 Bonuses = US $5785

Founding Members’ Special Tuition Fee = 3 installments of 156 or US $568