Meet Alexandra Diez Barroso

Alexandra Diez Barroso

Curriculum Vitae
Born in Mexico City March 30, 1970
Immigrated to Canada 1998
Canadian and Mexican Citizenship

Languages: French, Spanish, English and Italian

Divorced single parent to 3 amazing children: Rafaella, Alessandro and Francesca. Living in Santa Monica, California for 7 years

Purpose: Loving people awake and compassionately guiding them back to their Loving essence.

Mission: Empowering individuals, primarily women and youth, to be their authentic, beautiful and creative selves and assisting them to reconnect to Source in their own unique manner.

Intention: Developing programs, seminars and hybrid educational systems (online and in person) that support a varied group of people in laying foundations for living authentically.

My vision is to leave a legacy of practical spirituality for the modern world by combining ancestral wisdom with time tested practices and modern technologies.

My goal through every one of these actions is to continue on my soul journey towards oneness with God as an ongoing expression of my ministry. I believe that the greatest service we can bring to one another is to celebrate the unique beauty of each other’s hearts and souls as human reflections of God.

Mine is an active ministry of Loving.

Ordained Minister, MSIA, Los Angeles, California June 2019


Ph.D. Doctorate in Bioethics, Sustainability and Global Public Health

American University of Sovereign Nations (AUSN); April 2020-Present

  • Virtual Event Mastery (VEM) Certification
  • Soul Centered Facilitation (SCF)
    University of Santa Monica; Oct 2018 – Present
    Our newly emerging world dynamics require new skills within our professional/personal lives that pertain to success in areas beyond the individual


Alexandra Diez Barroso Curriculum Vitae

and into business application in the form of effective group facilitation. Soul- Centered Facilitators can effectively support transformation—first and foremost within themselves and then with organizations, groups, and individuals.

  • Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Business, Santa Monica Community College; Aug 2018- Aug 2020
    Filling in the gaps in education in the areas of philosophy, public speaking, creative writing, computer science, business and marketing.
  • Consciousness, Health and Healing (CHH)
    University of Santa Monica; Oct 2017-Aug 2018
    A dynamic 10 month certification program on the frontier of awakening in higher consciousness which actively explores the relationship of how radiant health and well-being are interconnected aspects of humanity. Radiant health includes physical, emotional, mental, unconscious and spiritual levels of being.
  • Soul-Centred Professional Coaching Certification (SCPC)
    University of Santa Monica; Jan- Jul 2017
    The SCPC Program is designed to prepare facilitators of consciousness to assist others in co-creating and experiencing greater success and authentic fulfillment in their lives.
  • Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology
    University of Santa Monica; Sep 2014- Aug 2016
    Spiritual Psychology is the study and practice of the art and science of Conscious Awakening.
  • BFA Photo-Communications
    St Edward’s University, Austin, Texas, 1989-1993
    Advanced techniques for portraiture, fine art and commercial photography. Photo-documentary, journalism, commercial art, video.
  • Sorbonne Paris III 1994-1995
    French Language, Culture & Civilization Immersion.Personal Growth and Development

    I have been dedicated to personal growth and self-development for close to 20 years, participating in over 400+ events, conferences and seminars. The list of facilitators from around the globe and subject matters covered is too numerous to individually include in this document. Listed below are the most relevant.More information provided upon request.


Alexandra Diez Barroso Curriculum Vitae

  • Kute Blackson,
    The Coach Apprentice Program, Dec 2016 – October 2017
    A ten-month intensive experiential immersion coaching program meant for conscious guides and high level transformational change agents to accelerate their learning curve in order to lead, coach, facilitate and train others in giving their authentic gifts fully to the world. Specifically designed to evolve the participant’s consciousness into full embodiment of mastery in every aspect of their lives.
  • Robert Holden, Ph. D.
    University of Santa Monica, July 28 – Aug 2, 2017
    Soul Centred Professional Coaching six day lab: Bringing out the best in ourselves and others.
  • Michael and Alisha Hayes,
    300+ hours of instruction, May 2015 – Present
    Intimate class series centered on the experience of developing inner knowing and intuition to access Spirit directly such that grace and healing occur as a natural process to gain transformation, clearing and deep inner movement.
  • Howard Wills,
    300+ hours of instruction, Oct 2011 – Present
    Apprenticeship in the art of wellbeing and higher consciousness; learning to open perceptions by furthering inner and outer spiritual development and heightening awareness through the constant practice of forgiveness, prayer and active peace making.
  • Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D.,
    Psycho-Spiritual Counseling apprenticeship/practicum, January 2004 -2005 Year-long intensive training in counseling and therapeutic healing techniques including Gestalt, Somatic and Archetypal Psychology combined with one-on-one coaching.
  • Warrior Sage,
    Vancouver, Canada, 2001-2006
    Path of accelerated spiritual mastery programs; participated, trained and taught intensive week-long seminars and weekend programs in the areas of divine sexuality, enlightenment, personal growth, effective communication cycles.
  • Peak Potentials,
    Vancouver, Canada 2001-2005
    Certified Trainer, Level 1, June 2003
    Certified Trainer, Level 2, February 2005
    Participated in a multi-program ongoing four-year curriculum providing courses, workshops and seminars on subjects ranging from financial and personal growth to business development and management training.


Alexandra Diez Barroso Curriculum Vitae

Shamanic Studies

  • Initiated Dagara Elder, July 2015
    There are currently only 33 Dagara initiates in America. Dagara Elder initiation submerges initiates into a process of deep binding connection to their Ancestral roots. Processes include ceremonial rituals of purification, cleansing, reconciliation with nature spirits and an intimate reconnection with the elements. Although the actual initiation ceremonies and rituals occur during a period of 18 days, initiates must go through three years of “Life Tests.”
  • Elder Initiation, June 2012 – 2015
    A rite of passage in the Dagara tradition brought to the west and adapted to our specific cultural necessities by Malidoma Patrice Some, Ph. D. In this particular format, initiates experience over two weeks of numerous grueling spiritual, physical and emotional trials, as well as daily rituals and ceremonies in a secluded environment. This style of initiation provides the tools deemed necessary to live in alignment with a more peaceful, connected, expanded and empowered way of being, primarily within ourselves and ultimately within our communities.
  • University of British Colombia’s (UBC) Museum of Anthropology (MOA) Guest Lecturer, Vancouver, Canada, November 1st, 2013
    I was invited to set up a massive community altar and speak on the subject of “The Day of the Dead” and “Ancestral Veneration” to an audience of 400+. It was the first year the museum set an entire exhibit around an event such as this in a Haida Guaii ceremonial long house on its property. Being part of the group of Mexican community representatives before such a large and important event and having the honor to speak on behalf of “our dead” and this timeless tradition, was an honor as well as a deeply rewarding experience.
  • “Divination” Training, Dec 2011 and Feb 2012
    Burkina Faso, West Africa. Six weeks of intensive immersion into the art and skill of multiple divination technologies with five indigenous traditional diviners.
  • Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies (IAST), Oct 2010 – Nov 2012 Malidoma Patrice Some, Ph.D.,
    Multi-part two-year program created primarily to establish a meaningful and binding relationship with individual and collective ancestral roots. A highly experiential program that aims at opening, expanding and enriching the working relationships with the ancestors, the Spirit world and the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Nature, and Mineral. The aim is to anchor participants more fully, openly and truthfully in this world by bringing their individual genius and gifts to the greater service of all living beings.Work Experience


Alexandra Diez Barroso Curriculum Vitae

  • Shamanic Soul Coach, 2003 to Present
    Assisting and empowering individuals from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds in the art and practice of active personal growth, goal development, attunement and authentic living. Ranging in areas from business consulting to family issues and personal conflict resolution.
  • Un Camino de Luz, LLC, June 2012- 2017, Los Angeles, CA
    Founding Partner, Author, Seminar Leader, Spiritual Advisor
    UCDL generates original content in Spanish in the areas of self-help, personal growth and spiritual practice. We have expanded our boundaries south to include marketing and distribution in Mexico.
  • Bfly Atelier, 2001-2004, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Owner and Principal, artist-run gallery and photography studio.
    Developed a unique alternative space for the creation and expression of visual and performing arts. An eclectic array of events, art exhibits, film screenings, lectures, workshops, classes and seminars, performances, non-for-profit fundraisers and cultural salons were offered. The space aimed to involve, educate, stimulate and motivate Vancouver’s multicultural and international arts community.Some of the organizations and government bodies we worked closely with included:
  • Mexican Consulate
  • Chilean Consulate
  • Iranian-Canadian Cultural Association
  • Latin American Film Festival
  • Out on Screen
  • Public Dreams Society
  • The Vancouver Chamber Choir
  • Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver
  • Young Associates of the Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Vancouver AIDS memorial
  • Aids Society of Vancouver
  • Raincoast Books Literacy campaign


Guest Lecturer

USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, California Spring 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Non-Profit Communications class for 40+ undergraduate students.

WIJABA- The World is Just A Book Away 501 (c) (3)

  • Dr Jane Goodall Library, Mexico City, Mexico, June 2019

    Donated and participated in the creation of WIJABA’s first library in a low
    resource area of the city in hounor of Dr. Jane Goodall. Serving 300+ children per year.
  • Dr Jane Goodall Orphanage Library, Badung, Bali, Indonesia, June 2014 5

Alexandra Diez Barroso Curriculum Vitae

Donated as well as participated in the creation of a library within Sidhi

Astu Orphanage in honor of Dr. Jane Goodall. Dalung. Serving 90+ children per year.

AVIELA- Inc., meaning in Dagara, “It is all good and well intentioned”501 (c) (3) Dano, Burkina Fasso, West Africa, Feb-July 2012

Donated the funds and coordinated shipment, delivery and distribution of a medical container filled with donated medicine, medical and surgical equipment as well as a fully loaded ambulance to a hospital in need.

Other Non-Profit affiliations include:

  • Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation •
  • Face the World Foundation •
  • Art For Life Foundation •
  • Friends for Life •
  • Vancouver Meal Society/ A •Loving SpoonfulNon-Profit Boards

Vancouver Symphony

Global Civic Policy Society

Out in Schools

Fundacion Cultural Ometeotl AC Wolf Connection

  • WIJABA- The World is Just A Book Away 501 (c)(3)
    Board of Directors 2019 to Present
    Promoting literacy and education helps end the perpetual cycle of poverty that these children are currently experiencing. Thus far, WIJABA has built 98 libraries in schools and orphanages, and 2 mobile libraries, impacting over 90,000 children through access to educational programs and books facilitated through our libraries and partner schools.
  • Wolf Connection 501 (c)(3),
    Board of Directors October 2010 – 2013
    Wolf Connection is a youth education and empowerment program, with rescued wolves and wolf-dogs as the centerpiece. With the help of the animals, young men and women reconnect with nature, learn to be of service by responsibly caring for another being and work towards becoming the kind of people they want to be.
  • 4 Elements Earth Education 501 (c)(3)
    Board of Advisors May 2011-Present
    Guiding families, youth, and community towards a pure connection with the Earth through direct Nature experiences.
  • Institute for Mexicans in the Exterior, IME, Vancouver, Canada
    Vice President and Deputy Director of the Advisory Board 2005-2006 Worked directly with the Mexican Consul-General, developing programs and assistance for Mexican nationals living in the western part of Canada (British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon).
  • Narrative 360 Founding member, 2003


Alexandra Diez Barroso Curriculum Vitae

An initiative created by established practitioners in the documentary arts to facilitate dialogue about the issues of our time. Narrative 360 is a non-profit organization that works to advance the role of the documentary arts in civil society and support their development in the areas of photography, audio and literary journalism.

  • The Flutterbys
    Creator and Founder, 2002-2005
    An international women’s group of professionals focused on the creation and diffusion of culture. The collective strength of its 100+ members contributed to the creation of various arts programs focused on youth at risk, personal empowerment and creative expression. The intention of the group was to go beyond “cocktail chatter” by developing greater sensitivity and building awareness towards topics and issues affecting women and society in general. Its purpose was to share new concepts and grow individually by positively impacting our society as a conscious community.
  • Rotary Club of West Vancouver, Honorary Member 2000 – Present
    Awarded the Paul Harris Award for work on numerous community service projects: specifically recognized for instrumental work in organizing a program to raise funds and build twenty + homes in El Salvador after a devastating natural disasters